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Elevate your shooting with XS Sights' premium tritium revolver night sights, designed for shooters who demand reliability and accuracy in every scenario. Our revolver sights are engineered for quick target acquisition, featuring high-contrast color options and innovative designs that ensure visibility in various lighting conditions.

Revolver Revolution

Wheel guns are coming back into the focus and we are more excited than ever. Since the inception of Mr. Samuel Colt's Colt Paterson in 1836, wheel guns have been a staple in the firearms industry. Revolvers reaching heights in popularity in various years, they always seem to find their way back to the spotlight. Because of this, and the wide variety of uses, we at XS are happy to provide tritium night sights for revolvers. We cover many popular brands and models! 

Real Solutions

We understand that each revolver has it's specific purpose. From self-defense (either concealed or open) to match shooting, XS has the perfect tritium revolver night sight for you. We design each sight with the intended purpose in mind so that when you add an XS sight you are truly upgrading your firearm. Whether you're searching for form or function, our products will give you a reliable and fast to acquire solution

Need Help With Installation

Our team of certified gunsmiths and armorers are at your disposal! If you need help installing sights, we have you covered. Some models require a strenuous install, needing a drill press and other not common tools. Be sure to read/watch the installation process for your specific sight. For the difficult ones, feel free to reach out to us or contact your local gunsmith! 

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