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  • R3D Night Sights - HK orange angle 1 R3D Night Sights - HK orange angle suppressor heights R3D Night Sights - HK VP9 OR orange angle standard heights R3D Night Sights - HK orange angle 5 R3D Night sights - HK VP9 OR in low light

    R3D Night Sights - HK

    See Your Sights in any Light! R3D Night Sights feature traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post, sight picture. The tritium front sight comes equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent orange or green Glow Dot, which absorbs ambient light and glows...

    $116.00 - $143.00
  • HK Minimalist VP9OR  top angle HK Minimalist VP9OR  composite HK Minimalist VP9OR  angle HK Minimalist VP9OR back HK Minimalist VP9OR  side

    Minimalist Suppressor/RMR Height - HK

    See Your Sights in any Light! XS Minimalist Suppressor Height Tritium Night Sights feature a notch and post sight picture. The rear is blacked out to increase contrast against the front sight and equipped with anti-glare serrations. The front sight is...

  • DXT2 Tritium Night Sights Orange for HK DXT2 Tritium Night Sights Yellow for HK DXT2 Tritium Night Sights Yellow for HK low light

    DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights - HK

    Don't Struggle to See Your Front Sight! DXT2 Night Sights are defensive tritium sights designed to enhance your EDC pistol. The front sight uses a proprietary photoluminescent Glow Dot that absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The convex dot's...

    $143.00 - $155.00
  • HK VP9 OR, orange front sight HK VP9 OR, yellow front sight HK VP9 OR, 2 dot tritium serrated sight

    Individual Front & Rear Parts - HK VP9 OR Pistols

    See Your Sights in any Light! R3D and OEM front sights for HK and feature a tritium front sight that comes equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent orange or yellow Glow Dot, which absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The OEM 2-dot...

    $59.00 - $63.00
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Heckler & Koch, HK for short, is known for producing innovative, accurate and reliable firearms. From the iconic HK MP5 to the newest star, the HK VP9 OR, HK is a company that always strives to be at the forefront of firearm technology. XS Sights tritium night sights will let you maximize the potential of your HK pistol.

Many of HK's pistols come with sights that can be improved upon for EDC or self-defense purposes. XS offers durable iron sights that will hold up to years of abuse and stay on the gun. Our sights come equipped with tritium to provide an illuminated sight picture in low light and are tough enough to withstand a lifetime of use. Tritium glows for 10-years and does not require batteries or maintenance. We carry a variety of sight pictures tailored to specific shooting styles.

DXT2 Night Sights offer the fastest sight acquisition on the market. The big dot front sight and open rear sight allow a greater field of view down range, increasing the front sight acquisition speed. The simple in-line sight picture reduces sight alignment time by eliminating an extra focus point compared to traditional notch and post sights. The dot-the-i sight picture prevents confusing the front and rear sight while under stress or in low light. DXT2 Sights are available in a Standard Dot (0.140”) or Big Dot (0.188”) front sight.

XS front sights are equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent Ember Glow Dot technology. The Glow Dot features a high-contrast color in bright light, absorbs ambient light, and glows in low light. Ember is available in multiple colors to satisfy personal color preferences. DXT2 and R3D sights are available with a tritium or non-tritium rear option to fit your shooting style.

No matter what HK model you have, XS Sights night sights will give you the fastest acquisition possible.

HK History

Heckler & Koch Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, known worldwide as HK, was founded in 1949 by former Mauser engineers Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch and Alex Seidel. The company was founded to manufacture machine tools, precision parts, bicycle parts and sewing machine parts.

With the formation of the West German Bundeswehr in 1955, the new German armed forces needed a service rifle. Relying on their experiences at Mauser, HK’s engineers designed and submitted a roller-delayed rifle chambered in 7.62X51mm NATO. Known as the G3, the rifle was selected as the standard service rifle of the Bundeswehr in 1959. The HK G3 served the Bundeswehr until it was replaced by the HK G36 in 1997. The HK G3 and its civilian counterpart, the HK 91, can still be found in the hands of soldiers and police officers worldwide. With the success of the G3, HK developed a family of roller-delayed rifles and submachine guns, including the iconic HK MP5.

HK's innovations aren't limited to rifles and submachine guns. From the world's first polymer-framed handgun, the HK VP70 to the HK P7 and the latest HK VP9 OR, Heckler & Koch has a legacy for building innovative handguns for the military, law enforcement and self-defense markets.

HK's commitment to quality and innovation has made them one of the most respected firearms manufacturers in the world. With a wide range of products for sporting, LE and military applications, HK is sure to have a firearm that meets your needs. XS Sights is proud to offer tritium night sights to fit your HK pistol.


Notable Models

MP5 - Roller-delayed submachine gun chambered in 9X19mm. Introduced in 1964 and rapidly became the standard for submachine guns due to excellent accuracy and soft recoil.

VP70 - Blowback pistol chambered in 9X19mm. First mass produced polymer framed pistol on the market.

P7 - Family of gas-delayed blowback pistols with a unique squeeze-cocking mechanism. Known for being very accurate.

MK23 - .45 ACP pistol designed for United States Special Operations Command.

P30 - Polymer framed double action pistol known for its modularity.

VP9/VP9 OR - Family of polymer framed striker fired pistols. Features a smooth, relatively light trigger pull and a highly modular grip