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F8 Night Sights

See Your Sights Day and Night!
F8 Night sights are designed to increase front sight focus by using a large 0.160”, high-contrast front post for fast sight acquisition. The front is paired with a 0.190” wide-notch rear sight to allow for greater visibility of the front post in decreasing light levels. The front sight's equipped with our Ember glow dot that absorbs light and glows in low light levels before tritium becomes visible. The 2-Dot alignment system simplifies the rear and draws focus to the front sight. 

F8 sights are taller than traditional night sights on the market for a more natural sight alignment and can serve as backup iron sights for some pistol reflex sights. (call 888-744-4880 for specific models) F8 night sights give you the best notch and post sight solution for visibility in all lighting conditions and incorporation with new reflex technology.

F8 tritium night sights in bright and low light

F8 Night Sight Features:
Tritium Powered Front & Rear Sight - Glows in low light to aid in sight alignment
Colored Front Sight Ring - Highly visible orange ring designed for maximum visibility in bright to low light levels
Ember Glow Dot - Absorbs light and glows in low light levels
0.160" wide front blade - Increased front sight acquisition speed
Wide Notch Rear Sight - Draws focus to top edges of sight for proper alignment
Rear Sight Overhang - Reduces rear sight glare in bright daylight for greater sight definition
Rear Sight Ledge - Aids in one-handed slide manipulations
12 Year Warranty on Tritium- Limited Lifetime Warranty
Easy Installation - Easily install by hand or sight pusher tool
Wide Rear Sight Gap - Increases the amount of light around the front sight for greater visibility in low light
Figure 8 Sight Picture - Fool proof alignment prevents shooters from mixing up the front and rear sight

F8 Tritium Night Sights available for:
Sig Sauer
Springfield Armory
Smith & Wesson

With over 20 years of night sight manufacturing experience, we have learned that gunfights don’t happen in perfect light or complete darkness. They happen in between these two broad spectrums. Night sights don’t just need to glow in the dark. They need to be visible at all times.

During defensive altercations, you may experience an adrenaline rush that will cause your basic motor functions to become clumsy, fixated tunnel vision on the threat, and most likely both you and your attacker will be moving. Combat accuracy is crucial at this point, but people tend to not look at their sights when shooting in this situation (this is not point shooting). Our F8 sights ensure the big, colored, glowing front sight will be in your line of sight for a combat accurate sight picture that allows for a simple, sufficient alignment when there is insufficient time and distance between yourself and the threat day or night.