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A firearms company founded before the Civil War is still a top producer. Today, consumers order Colt Handgun Sights, knowing they are choosing a manufacturer with a long and storied history. Since its inception, Colt has provided weapons for the U.S. military, which continues today.


History of Colt Firearms


In 1836, Samuel Colt of Hartford, Connecticut, received his first U.S. patent for the firearm bearing his name. He had previously received an English patent. Colt then started the Paterson Arms Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey, with the help of investors. In 1847, Colt collaborated with the U.S. Army on developing the Walker, a more powerful weapon. It was named after Captain Samuel Walker of the Texas Rangers.

Colt's early accomplishments included the first practical revolver and practical repeating firearm. In 1861, he was commissioned as a Colonel by the state of Connecticut in the "1st Regiment Colts Revolving Rifles of Connecticut."


The Gun That Won the West


The Colt single-action army revolver was known as "the gun that won the West." Other names for this firearm include the Peacemaker, the M1873, and the frontier six-shooter. More than 140 years after its introduction, it is still in production. In 1892, the U.S. Army replaced it with the Colt double-action revolver. In World War I, the M1873 was no longer in circulation in the military. However, in World War II, General George Patton carried it as his personal sidearm.

Fast forward to the 21st century-- in 2002, Colt Defense was split from the Colt Manufacturing Company. The former serves the military, while the latter focuses on the civilian market. In 2021, the company was bought by the Czech-based Česká zbrojovka Group.


Colt Pistols


Colt offers hundreds of pistols for firearms enthusiasts. Top-selling Colt pistols include:

  • Custom Carry Limited (9 MM)
  • Combat Unit CCO (45ACP)
  • Competition Titanium (9MM)
  • Defender (45ACP)
  • Special Combat Carry
  • Combat Elite Government (9MM)


Colt Revolvers


The names and types of Colt's revolvers are legendary. Here's a sampling:

  • King Cobra Carry
  • Anaconda (6")
  • Colt Python .357 Magnum 6rd 3"
  • Single Action Army 5.5" (45LC)


Colt Rifles


Colt's line of military classic rifles includes:

  • Colt M16A1 Retro Reissue
  • Colt M4 Carbine
  • Colt M4 Monolithic
  • Colt M4A1 CARBINE SOCOM CARBINE 5.56mm NATO 30+1
  • M4 Carbine OEM1
  • Colt XM177E2 Retro Carbine
  • Colt M4 Carbine OEM2