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Upgrade your Glock Pistol installation experience with XS Sights Sight Tools, designed to make sight installation, adjustment, and removal a breeze. No more guesswork or frustration—our sight tools are specifically crafted for Glock handguns.

Whether you need a front sight installation tool, a sight pusher kit, or a convenient bundle featuring a sight pusher kit paired with a new set of night sights, XS Sights has the perfect solution for you.

XS Sights Sight Pusher Kits for Glock

Our inline sight pusher kits are available in two different configurations: GUNSMITH Series and DIY-Series, with both fitting all OEM Glock Slides and also allowing for the installation of suppressor height sights. Plus, you can easily make precision windage adjustments thanks to the built-in centering scale that both the GUNSMITH and DIY-Series™ have. Both the GUNSMITH and DIY-Series™ Sight Pusher Kits deliver an unparalleled sight install experience by reducing install force by 50% when compared to other standard tools on the market.

Additionally, we offer our no frills  ECO-Series™ sight installation kit for DIYers seeking to upgrade their Glock sights. Ideal for users who own a single Glock and don't anticipate further modifications, the ECO-Series™ offers a functional and straightforward option. With this kit, you can skip the hassle of buying additional specialty tools. Our sight pusher tool is specifically rated for one-time use on an OEM Glock slide, or an aftermarket slide equipped with our R3D Night Sights. Simplify your sight installation process with the ECO-Series™ and enjoy improved Glock sights.

Glock Sight Installation Reimagined

As the only night sights manufacturer that also produces sight installation tools, we have revolutionized the sight installation process. By integrating easypress dovetails and designing tools that apply precise pressure in the necessary areas, we've simplified sight installation. No longer do you need to purchase sights from one brand, a sight pusher from another, and a front sight tool from yet another. With us, you get the complete sight solution in one place, streamlining the entire sight install process for your convenience.

Take back control of sight installations, adjustments, and removals on your Glock Pistol with our range of Glock Sight Tools!

XS Sights Tritium Night Sights for Glock

If you’re looking for Glock night sights, head on over to this page and view our line of night sights made for Glock pistols.

Equipped with tritium technology, our night sights provide a self-illuminating sight picture that remains visible even in complete darkness. Our tritium night sights not only provide an unparalleled advantage in low-light conditions but are also engineered with a strong focus on reliability and durability. We understand the importance of having sights that can withstand rigorous use and deliver consistent performance.

Upgrade your Glock Pistol with XS Sights Tritium Night Sights for Glock and experience visibility and reliability no matter the lighting situation.