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GUNSMITH Series™ Bundle — R3D Night Sights & Inline Sight Pusher Kit for Glock


Product Features

  • 50% easier installation
  • Magnetic t-handle/front sight tool included
  • Tritium front and rear with high contrast glow dot
  • Traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post, sight picture
  • Compatible with Glocks Gen 1-5, including MOS models
  • Proudly manufactured in Fort Worth, TX
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  • American Made

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GUNSMITH-Series™ Sight Pusher Install Kit for Glock® & R3D 2.0 Night Sight Bundle

Designed by Gunsmiths for the DIYer™.

Engineered for professional use and DIYer’s that demand the best performance from their tools, the GUNSMITH-Series Inline Rear Sight pusher reduces installation force by up to 50% and offers the fastest Glock sight installation. Users can complete a wide range of sight installs on all Glock slides and install optic/suppressor height sights. The GUNSMITH-Series allows sight installation or windage adjustment on slides with an optic mounted on the pistol.

***as of 9/1/2023 the kit no longer includes an extra brass bit and go, no-go gauges (colored shims)

Don’t Drop Another Screw on the Floor

The GUNSMITH-Series sight tool bolt and front sight tool are equipped with magnets to prevent drops. The magnet in the bolt head secures the multi-function use T-handle while installing rear sights. When installing front sights the magnetic hex bit securely holds the Glock front sight screw in place for a drop free install process.

No pads. No Springs. No Knob Tightening. Just Simple Physics.

We took the guesswork out of installing sights. The open-top design allows for fast setup and easy visual centering. The tool and bit feature a built-in measuring scale for precision windage adjustments. The locking wedge secures slides in seconds. Simply slide the non-marring brass bit into the dovetail and insert the wedge.

GUNSMITH-Series Sight Pusher Features:

  • Tool Life Span: 200+ Installations*
  • Kit includes professional grade sight pusher
  • Multi-function handle / magnetic steel Glock front sight tool
  • Fits all Glock OEM and Aftermarket slides
  • Glock MOS Compatible – Install sights with optic mounted on pistol
  • Non-marring brass bit prevents scratching sights or slides
  • Built-in Centering Scale – 1/16” scale
  • Bolt Thread Pitch: 1/16” – 1.5 Bolt rotations equals 1/16” of travel
  • Designed and Manufactured in Fort Worth, TX

R3D Night Sight Features:

  • Tritium powered front sight 
  • High-contrast colored front sight (available in Orange or Green)
  • Glow dot absorbs ambient light and glows in low light
  • Rear sight overhang reduces glare
  • Anti-reflective rear tritium lens
  • Anti-reflective rear serrations (R3D 2.0 only)
  • Rear sight ledge for one-handed slide manipulations
  • Standard and Suppressor height options available
  • Durable CNC machined steel 
  • Fits standard holster options
  • Designed and Manufactured in Fort Worth, TX

Gunsmith Series installing rear sight

tool comparison chart

Sight Install Capability

The GUNSMITH-Series is the ideal solution to install XS R3D 2.0, R3D night sights and can install competitors sights. R3D rear sight dovetails use proprietary easypress dovetail features that lower the overall force needed for installation. The rear sight features a crush zone that conforms to the slide’s dovetail and a lead-in chamfer to allow the sight to travel 1/3 through the cutout before pressure is applied to the sight. R3D night sights are up to 50% easier to install than competitors. The GUNSMITH-Series is not capable of installing sights with angled side walls.

Easypress Crushzone

Optic / Suppressor Height Sights

The GUNSMITH-Series rear sight pusher can install optic height and suppressor height sights on Glock MOS and aftermarket optic cut slides. The optic and factory plate cover must be installed before mounting the tool on the slide.

Adjusting Suppressor Height Sights

Applying Force More Efficiently

The inline design applies force low in the dovetail and precisely in the direction the sight needs to be pushed. The low placement on the dovetail is a tried-and-true practice of gunsmiths using hammers and punches to drive sights in.

Drive Sights in with Ease

The GUNSMITH-Series drive bolt uses a black oxide 1144 stress proof steel 3.75” 5/16”- 24 bolt and a 4.25” multi-function handle. 4.25” handle offers superior leverage for installing sights. It can be used as a T-Handle for fast rotations and as a long lever when pressure builds up when passing through the center of the dovetail.

Built in Centering Scale

Note which hash mark on the brass touches the white mark on the base. Then flip the slide 180 degrees and repeat the measurement check. To achieve a proper center, the hash mark on the brass should match both sides. The scale is 1/16," and 1.5 bolt rotations equals 1/16th" of travel.

Built in Centering Scale for precision alignment

Items Included in Kit:

  • GUNSMITH-Series Inline Rear Sight Pusher for Glock Pistols
  • R3D 2.0 or R3D Tritium Front Sight available in Orange or Green
  • R3D 2.0 or R3D Tritium Rear Sight
  • Multi-Function Handle / Magnetic Steel Glock Front Sight Tool
  • Locking Wedge
  • Lucas Oil Products® Extreme Duty Gun Oil (0.135 FL. OZ. / 4ml)
  • Vibra-Tite® 131 High Strength Threadlocker (0.06 FL. OZ. / 1.8ml)


Product Specifications:

  • Kit Dimensions (LxWxH): 6” x 3” x 2”
  • Kit Weight: lbs.
  • Sight Tool Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.5" x 1.75" x 1.75"
  • Sight Tool Weight:1.8 lbs.

Written use and installation instructions PDF

* Maximum tool life is estimated based on installing XS R3D Night Sights in Glock OEM slides. Aftermarket slides do not mirror Glock’s exact dovetail. Users should expect to apply 50% to 75% more force on aftermarket slides that will apply more load on the tool.



XS SIGHTS Gunsmith Model Inline Sight Pusher Kit for Glock: Farm Style Review



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