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XS Sights has a variety of different shotgun sights and accessories to choose from, including big dot and standard dot beads, ghost ring apertures, DXT sights, white stripe fronts, and our SHOTRAIL optics mount. We're committed to long-lasting quality, making our products right here in the USA. No matter the lighting, our sights make sure you can quickly and easily acquire your target.

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Big Dot Shotgun Bead

Standard Dot Shotgun Bead

Ghost Rings


White Stripe Fronts



Product Features:

  • Tritium powered front sight
  • Big Dot front measures 0.188"
  • Standard Dot front measures 0.140"
  • High-contrast colored front sight
  • Glow dot absorbs ambient light and glows in low light
  • Comes in different variations: tritium, non-tritium, vent rib, plain barrel, pedestal and more!


Product Features:

  • Ghost Rings
    • Options for winged or un-winged ghost rings
    • Great for no-scope turkey hunting
    • Provides a longer sight radius offering increased accuracy
    • Easy DIY installation process
    • Provides windage and elevation adjustments for precision
  • White Stripe Fronts
    • Increases accuracy through faster target acquisition
    • High contrast against all backgrounds


Product Features:

  • Tritium powered front sight
  • DXT sights come in both standard dot or big dot
  • Low-profile V rear provides greater visibility of front sight
  • Simple dot-the-"i" sight picture
  • Rear sight white outline with tritium center
  • Durable CNC machined steel


Product Features:

  • Durable, aluminum Picatinny rail
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Compatible with scopes and red dot optics
Can I apply the same sight to multiple different firearms?

Simply put, no. It is important to remember, that each shotgun is very much an individual and requires a sight precisely fit to its design.

Can I use ghost ring sights for shooting at long ranges?

Yes! Our ghost ring sights can acquire targets from over 100 yards.

What are the benefits of using tritium sights over fiber optic sights on a shotgun?

Our tritium sights shine brightly in dim conditions, with high-contrast glow dots for exceptional visibility in bright environments as well. These sights are built to last, with a remarkable glow lifespan of over 10 years and a robust service life of 25,000+ rounds. Read our blog to learn more about the differences between tritium and fiber optic sights.

What sights do you recommend for tactical shotgun use?

We would suggest choosing tritium night sights for tactical use given their versatility. However, the decision comes down to you and your personal preferences.

What sights work best for clay pigeon shooting?

If we had to highlight one, our Ember standard dot sights for vent rib shotguns are fantastic for shooting clays.

Do you offer colors other than white for the front stripe?

Currently, we only offer white for the front stripe. We find white to work the best since it will reflect more of the ambient light that hits than any other color.

Do you offer any sights that can fit both rifles and shotguns?

Yes! If you own a Remington shotgun and rifle, our DXT Standard Dot Shotgun Bead fits both Remington rifles and shotguns.