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XS Sights offers a range of sights designed to enhance your hunting rifle. These include optic mounts, ghost rings, and Picatinny rails built to high-quality standards. All XS Sights products are made from the best American Made materials available, ensuring they provide reliable performance in all conditions. Whether you're hunting in low light or in the rain and snow, XS Sights hunting accessories can help you stay on target and push your rifle further.

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XS Sights

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Ghost Ring Sights

White Stripe Fronts

Picatinny Spec Rails

XS Sights is dedicated to enhancing your hunting experience with our range of products. Our Ghost Ring Sights, White Stripe Fronts, and Picatinny Spec Rails are all designed to provide you with precise aiming, high visibility in all lighting conditions, and easy mounting of optics and accessories on your rifle.

XS Ghost Ring Sights

Ghost ring sights


  • These fast alternative open sights can save your hunt if your scope fails
  • Perfect for hunting in no-scope areas
  • Allows for easy load development when switching between optics and ghost ring sights
  • Provides longer sight radius which is more forgiving and allow for smaller aiming errors
  • Fully adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Easy DIY installation!
  • Precision CNC machined
Ghost ring apertures


  • Ideal solution for accurate and fast target acquisition.
  • Windage and elevation adjustments for precise aiming.
  • Sets include two aperture options: .230" & .191" I.D. for versatility in shooting scenarios.
  • Easy Installation! Matches existing screw holes, often minimal or no gunsmithing required.
  • Front sight features:
    - White stripe on a black post for excellent visibility.
    - Ensures visibility in all lighting conditions.
    - Draws focus for quick target reference.
  • Large Ghost-Ring rear sight:
    - Provides a generous field of view.
    - Enhances rapid target acquisition.

XS Picatinny Spec Rails

Lever Rails

The XS Sights' Lever Rail offers a lightweight and versatile mount suitable for any scope type. Crafted from anodized aluminum machined to Picatinny specs, it allows effortless mounting of optics in various positions. Whether you prefer a conventional scope, scout scope, red dot optic, or low powered variable optic (LPVO), the Lever Rail provides the flexibility to suit your needs and cheek weld preference.


Installation is easy and can be done at home, although it requires the removal of the factory rear sight. CNC machined for superior durability; the XS Lever Rail ensures your scope's zero holds up to the rigors of the field.

Scout Mounts

XS Sights' Scout Pic Rails feature our patented Lever Scout™ Picatinny Style rail for easy forward mounting of Scout Scopes or Red Dot Sights. Shoot with both eyes open for quick target acquisition. Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum, these rails withstand heavy recoil. Hard anodized for durability and scratch resistance. 

Installation uses rear sight dovetail and front receiver screw holes, requiring no gunsmithing. A complete kit is provided for home assembly, making it accessible to all shooters. 
Elevate your shooting experience with XS Sights' reliable and convenient Scout Mounts, designed to enhance accuracy and target acquisition in dynamic shooting scenarios.



Compatible With:

  • Ghost Ring Sights
  • Scout Scopes
  • Red Dot Sight Scopes or Red Dot Sights


Are XS Ghost Ring Sights good for hunting in low-light conditions?

Yes! Ghost ring sights work well in low light. The large aperture allows more available light into the eye than the smaller aperture.

Can I use the same sight for different firearms?

Not easily. Just like the people that use them, every firearm is an individual. While you can pull the sights off of one Marlin 1895 to put on a different Marlin 1895, you will need to re-zero the rifle before going into the field.

Do I need any special tools to install XS Ghost Ring sights?

For most firearms, the XS Ghost Ring sights can be installed at home using simple hand tools that you probably already have. Typically, a flat head screw driver, a hammer, a nonmarring punch and a file will be all you need.

Why don’t you offer a tritium front sight for my rifle?

In our experience, tritium is not a useful addition on a hunting rifle. Tritium is a very dim light source. Typically, by the time that tritium is actually useful, you’re beyond most legal hunting hours. If you’re hunting hogs or varmints, which can be hunted at night, you’re most likely using a supplemental light source, and tritium isn’t going to be beneficial.

Do you offer a color other than white?

Currently we only offer white stripes on hunting sights. White will reflect more of the ambient light that hits than any other color.

Do you have anything that glows?

Not at this time.

What is the Winchester 94 Angle Eject/Winchester 94 AE?

The Winchester 94 AE, or Angle Eject, models were released in the 1980’s to allow owners to install a conventional rifle scope directly over the breech rather than offset on the left side of the receiver.

Do you have sights for the non-AE Winchester 94?

Our Winchester 94 sights will work on older top eject rifles, provided you’re willing to have your receiver drilled and tapped.

Does the scout mount fit the non-AE Winchester 94?

Maybe. The Winchester 94 family was in near constant production for over 100 years. During that time, many changes were made to the rifle. Our Scout Mount was designed for the Angle Eject models. It uses the two front scope mount screw holes and the rear sight dovetail cut to mount the rail. To install on a top eject rifle, the rear sight dovetail cut needs to be between 3.8-4.0” from the barrel/receiver junction. If it is, and you’re willing to have the receiver drilled and tapped, the Scout Mount will fit.

Do I have to use the epoxy on a Winchester 94?

Yes, you will need to use the epoxy. In the time period that the 94’s were in production, Winchester used many different barrel contours. Rather than trying to make a mount that would fit each contour, and then hoping that the customer received the correct mount, we machined the mount to fit all of them. The epoxy acts as a shim to custom fit the mount to your particular barrel. The epoxy does not need to stick to the barrel to do its job, so a release agent can be applied to the barrel to make it easier to remove the mount if required.