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  • DXT2 Tritium Night Sights Yellow for Para Ordnance Trapezoidal DXT2 Tritium Night Sights Yellow for Para Ordnance Trapezoidal in low light

    DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights - Para Ordnance

    Don't Struggle to See Your Front Sight! DXT2 Night Sights are defensive tritium sights designed to enhance your EDC pistol. The front sight uses a proprietary photoluminescent Glow Dot that absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The convex dot's...

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From the Para Ordnance P14 to the Para Ordnance GI Expert, Para Ordnance handguns are known for being accurate and reliable 1911 style pistols. XS Sights tritium night sights provide the fastest acquisition possible, making your Para Ordnance an excellent tool for self-defense use.

Para Ordnance pistols are equipped with metal injection molded sights that are not ideal for EDC or home defense. XS offers durable iron sights that will hold up to years of abuse and stay on the gun. Our sights come equipped with tritium to provide an illuminated sight picture in low light. Tritium glows for 10-years and does not require batteries or maintenance. We carry a variety of sight pictures tailored to specific shooting styles.

DXT2 Night Sights offer the fastest sight acquisition on the market. The big dot front sight and open rear sight allow a greater field of view down range, increasing the front sight acquisition speed. The simple in-line sight picture reduces sight alignment time by eliminating an extra focus point compared to traditional notch and post sights. The dot-the-i sight picture prevents confusing the front and rear sight while under stress or in low light. DXT2 Sights are available with a Big Dot (0.188”) front sight.

XS front sights are equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent Ember Glow Dot technology. The Glow Dot features a high-contrast color in bright light, absorbs ambient light, and glows in low light. Ember is available in multiple colors to satisfy personal color preferences. DXT2 sights are available with a tritium or non-tritium rear option to fit your shooting style.

XS Sights DXT2 night sights will give your Para Ordnance pistol the fastest acquisition possible.

Para Ordnance History

Para Ordnance was founded in Canada in 1985 by Ted Szabo and Thanos Polyzos. Their first product, the Model 85 Dye Marking Tactical Machine Pistol, was a paintball gun intended for law enforcement and military training purposes.

Shortly after the introduction of the Model 85, Para Ordnance offered a high-capacity conversion kit for the 1911 family. The kit was a frame and a proprietary double stack magazine allowing for twice the capacity of a standard 1911 – the first successful high-capacity configuration in the 1911 style handgun world. With the popularity of IPSC and USPSA competition in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Para Ordnance conversion kits saw extensive use as a foundation for competition pistols.

Seeing the success – and some failures due to poor gunsmithing – of the conversion kits, Para Ordnance released their first complete handgun, the .45 ACP chambered P14-45, in 1988. It was quickly followed by 9MM (P18-9) and .40 S&W (P16-40) offerings.

In the late 1990’s, many law enforcement agencies had transitioned to double action autos. Not content to miss out on law enforcement sales, Para Ordnance released their LDA, or Light Double Action, family in 1999. The LDA family brought a successful double action only trigger system to the ergonomics and cosmetics of the 1911 family.

Para Ordnance was acquired by Freedom Group in 2012, and in 2015 the brand was discontinued in favor of the Remington name.

Notable Models

Para Ordnance P14-45 – Para Ordnance’s first complete handgun, the P14-45 is a double-stack 1911 style handgun chambered in .45 ACP and features a 14-round capacity.

Para Ordnance P18-9 – Double-stack pistol in 9MM featuring a capacity of 18 rounds.

Para Ordnance P7.45 LDA – Single-stack 1911 style pistol featuring Para Ordnance’s LDA double action trigger system.