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DXT2 Night Sights

See Your Sights Day and Night!
Big Dot
XS DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights offer the best front sight visibility in all lighting conditions. DXT2 Big Dot sights drive focus to the front sight using a high-contrast front and a V-notch rear for an unobstructed view of the front sight. DXT2 Big Dot front sights use our Ember glow dot that absorbs light and glows in low light levels before it is dark enough to see the tritium. The dot-the-“i” sight picture prevents confusing the front and rear sights in high-stress situations.
Front Sight is Available in Optic Yellow or Optic Orange Colors.
DXT2 in Optic Yellow, bright and low light comparison
Optic Yellow glows the brightest and absorbs the most light, giving shooters the brightest night sights on the market.
DXT2 in Optic Orange, bright and low light comparison
Optic Orange offers better contrast against different backgrounds in natural light, while still being able to glow brighter than traditional tritium night sights.
Sight Features:

- Sight body CNC machined from steel
- Tritium equipped front and rear sight
- Glow Dot front sight
- Industry leading 0.188" wide front sight
- Simple Dot-the-“i” sight alignment system
- 12 Year Warranty on Tritium
- Easy to install, file-to-fit or sight pusher (depending on set)

DXT2 Night Sights, defensive tritium night sights, outdoor range
Front Sight Focus
Our mission is to drive focus to the front sight for fast and accurate defensive shooting. Our Big Dots measure 0.188” (4.8 mm) wide, making them the biggest front sight on the market. The increased surface area makes the dot brighter in daylight and low-light.
Our express sight system is built for fast front sight acquisition, but they also help with eyesight issues. As we age, our eyesight degrades; our Big Dot is 50% larger than most conventional sights, which reduces strain on the eyes. The combination of a big front sight, open rear, and in-line sight alignment can help overcome cross-eye dominance, near or farsighted vision, and cataracts.
All XS night sights are CNC machined from steel bar stock in the great state of Texas.
The steel construction ensures the sights are protected from drops, racking off barricades, and will hold up for years. The steel surface is blued to resist rusting, with a regular cleaning and oil schedule. Big Dots are chemically resistant to acetone-based cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cleaners. The convex dot is gun powder residue resistant and can be easily wiped off with a cleaning cloth.
DXT2 Big Dots have no sharp edges and will not get caught on clothing when drawing the pistol from concealment. While Big, front sight still fits in most holsters.

Our express sights are designed to be installed with the file-to-fit method or by sight pusher tool. Depending on the set you can find our videos demonstrating the method on our installation page or our YouTube channel. We supply specialty tools in our packaging, including a Glock front sight screwdriver and thread locker.

We at XS, are shooters and machinist. We encourage you to try installing your own sights. If you run into any issues, we have you covered. Our customer service staff can walk you through the installation. 

DXT2 Big Dot available for select models of the following brands:
Glock Suppressor/RMR Height

Standard Dot
DXT2 Standard Dot Green, bright and low light comparison
Green is a great option for low light and has a very bright glow intensity.
Our Standard Dots measure 0.140” (3.6 mm) wide, making them ideal for more precise shooting and are good options for shooting are farther distances. Competitive shooters prefer the standard dot for sport, as many stages will run some targets out to 50 yards.
Our DXT2 Standard Dot sights share all the same features of the DXT2 Big dots aside from the front sights size. We sell more Big Dots than Standard Dots, as most people want the fastest front sight acquisition, and the brightest glowing front sight possible. The Big Dots large surface area accomplishes these tasks better than the standard dot for most folks. 

DXT2 Std. Dot available for select models of the following brands:

Sig Sauer
Springfield Armory




DXT2 Standard dot green, suppressor rmr height with an RDO on a glock

With over 20 years of night sight manufacturing experience, we have learned that gunfights don’t happen in perfect light or complete darkness. They happen in between these two broad spectrums. Night sights don’t just need to glow in the dark. They need to be visible at all times.

During defensive altercations, you may experience an adrenaline rush that will cause your basic motor functions to become clumsy, fixated tunnel vision on the threat, and most likely both you and your attacker will be moving. Combat accuracy is crucial at this point, but people tend to not look at their sights when shooting in this situation (this is not point shooting). Our express sights ensure the big, colored, glowing front sight will be in your line of sight for a combat accurate sight picture that allows for a simple, sufficient alignment when there is insufficient time and distance between yourself and the threat.