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Minimalist Night Sights

Simple Rear, Vibrant Front Sight!
XS Minimalist Night Sights feature a traditional notch and post sight picture, with a serrated non-tritium rear and a tritium front sight. The anti-glare blacked-out rear has a wide notch, to draw your eye to the front. The tritium front sight is equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent orange Glow Dot, which absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. Minimalist sights reduce focus on the rear sight and slide and drive shooter's attention to the front sight.
Minimalist night sights in bright and low light settings
Sight Dimensions: Front Sight Blade Width: 0.145", Rear Sight Notch Width: 0.170"

Minimalist Sight Features:
Tritium Front Sight - Glows in low-light levels
High-contrast orange or green front sight
Photoluminescent glow dot surrounds tritium vial to make the front sight even brighter
Serrated rear sight eliminates glare 
Blacked-out rear simplifies sight alignment and drives focus to the front sight
Installable with a sight pusher tool or file to fit method
Sights are CNC machined from solid steel
Made in the USA with US Steel

Available for these models:

Why Go Minimalist?
Minimalist front sight comparison in bright and low light
Sight picture preferences are personal and vary by application, i.e., competition, law enforcement, home defense, and everyday carry. Within this matrix of shooters, there is a segment of users who want performance with no extra frills. These users know how to shoot well and know what gear best suits their style. Minimalist night sights focus on what is most important; Driving focus to their front sight.
Minimalist sights are all about simplicity. The blacked-out rear reduces focus points and uses serrations to eliminate glare from bright back-lighting. The reduced illumination on the back of the slide drives focus downrange. Also, when paired with a red dot, the non-tritium rear increases focus on the reticle vs. a 2-dot tritium rear sight. In low-light, two glowing tritium lamps can be distracting from the primary optics illuminated reticle. The rear notch width is 15% wider than the front post to increase visible light around the front edges, giving you a more precise alignment. Our minimalist design provides a fast line of sight to the front sight, helping you get rounds on target quickly and accurately.
minimalist on a glock, glowing in low light
Minimalist Features
Self-Shadowing Serrations - The serrations cast shadows on the sight face ensuring bright back-lighting won't cause a glare. Even when in the "white," the sight face darkens due to the shadowing effect.
Minimize focus points - All our notch and post sights align with a traditional top of front, top of rear sight alignment. The blacked-out rear drives focus to the front sight for fast and accurate shooting.
Red Dot Optics on Pistols - The non-tritium rear aids in sight alignment, while not causing confusing with the illuminated reticle.
Our RDO/Suppressor height sets are lower 1/3 co-witnessed for Glock 9mm MOS pistols equipped with a Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C. The lower 1/3 co-witness, minimizes the amount of space the front sight takes up in the optic's window.
Cost - The reduction in tritium vials lowers the price point of the sight set. Making it an inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade for your target or carry pistol.

With over 20 years of night sight manufacturing experience, we have learned that gunfights don’t happen in perfect light or complete darkness. They happen in between these two broad spectrums. Night sights don’t just need to glow in the dark. They need to be visible at all times.

During defensive altercations, you may experience an adrenaline rush that will cause your basic motor functions to become clumsy, fixated tunnel vision on the threat, and most likely both you and your attacker will be moving. Combat accuracy is crucial at this point, but people tend to not look at their sights when shooting in this situation (this is not point shooting). Our Minimalist sights ensure the big, colored, glowing front sight will be in your line of sight for a combat accurate view that allows for a simple, sufficient alignment when there is insufficient time and distance between yourself and the threat.