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Tritium Night Sights for Handguns

XS Sights Tritium Night Sights are built for durability and visibility in low light.
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Types of Handgun Sights:

XS Sights’ Tritium night sights are built for durability and visibility in low light.
Scroll below to learn about our different handgun sight models!

DIY Grade Front and Rear Sets


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Sight Selector Guide

Sight Alignment System

XS Sights offers three handgun sight alignment systems that cater to different shooting styles and scenarios:

Notch & Post: A classic design with 4 corner alignment that provides a reliable and consistent sight picture.

Figure 8: An innovative design where the front and rear sight together make a figure 8. This alignment system improves sight acquisition and accuracy in low-light conditions.

Dot-the-i: Features a shallow V rear sight with a vertical bar with a dot at the bottom. To achieve proper sight alignment, you align the front dot with the rear dot. Dot-the-i aids in enhancing speed and accuracy.

Whether for self defense or sport shooting, XS Sights has a sight alignment system that can help you achieve your goals.

Front Sight Visibility

Front sight focus is the act of aligning the front sight with the target and maintaining a sharp focus on the front sight while shooting. The importance of front sight focus cannot be overstated, especially in defensive and high stress shooting situations. In high-stress shooting situations, the shooter's adrenaline can cause them to lose focus and accuracy. Front sight focus provides a clear reference point that can help mitigate this and ensure accurate shot placement. It can also reduce reaction time, as focusing on the front sight allows you to quickly acquire your target and make accurate shots without wasting time. This is especially important in defensive situations where time is of the essence.

Sight Size

Larger sights are generally easier to see than smaller ones, which can be more challenging but can offer some benefits with precision shooting. XS Sights prides ourselves in providing the largest sights on the market, optimized for self defense, like our DXT2 and DXW2, which are 50% larger than conventional sights. We also offer R3D, F8, and Minimalist sights with a slightly smaller dot. While still prominent for self-defense, the smaller dot provides precision alignment while target shooting.

Use cases

XS Sights' Handgun Sights are designed to cater to different shooting needs, making them a great choice for both self-defense and competitive shooting. In self-defense situations, XS Sights' sight alignment systems provide fast and accurate sight acquisition, making it easier for you to aim and fire quickly and accurately. Our sight systems are made to be visible in any lighting condition, including low-light conditions, where your visibility may be limited. In competitive shooting, XS Sights' sight alignment systems provide you with a clear and intuitive sight picture that can improve accuracy and speed.


What is XS Sights’ Glow Dot Technology?

XS Sights’ Glow Dot Technology absorbs all ambient light waves. The glow duration will vary and is dependent on light-wave exposure, and to a lesser degree, length of exposure. After two hours, the human eye will still be able to see the dot glow, but the tritium's glow will be more predominant by that time.

Glow dots help make the front sight brighter when time is short, and shot placement is critical.

Which of our Sights include Glow Dot Technology?

The DXT2, F8, and R3D front sights come equipped with our patent-pending Glow Dots. In bright light, the dot has a high-contrast color (either green, yellow, or orange). When exposed to light, the dot absorbs and stores energy.

Color Options:

XS Sights’ Ember Glow Dots have four different color options to choose from with mixed availability between our sight systems:

Optic Yellow = absorbs the most light waves - our brightest glowing color.

Orange = contrasts the best in bright light & glows.

Green = glows brightly and offers a bright daylight color option.

Our Materials

All XS Night Sights are Made in America. They are CNC machined from steel bar stock in Texas. Their steel construction ensures the sights are protected from drops, racking off barricades, and will hold up for years. The steel surface is blued to resist rusting with a regular cleaning and oil schedule.

Handgun Sight Installation

NOTE: Installation changes from model to model

DXT2, DXW2, DXT, & DXW Installation:

All express sights are designed to be installed with the fit to file method.
Head on over to our Install Videos page for a demonstration of us using this install method!

R3D, Minimalist, F8 Installation:

Minimalist Sights and R3D Night Sights are designed to be installed with a sight pusher tool, or hand tools.
View our Sights Install Guides here.


At this time, we don't have a video for each style of installation. However, we do have written instructions specific to each style. The hyperlink to these written instructions can be found at the bottom of the item's product page.


Why do we use Tritium in our sights?

As responsible gun owners, WE are accountable for every bullet that leaves the chamber of our gun. We want and need the bullet to go where intended. The ability to see your sights is key to shot accuracy. Unfortunately, this task becomes much more difficult when you're under stress. The adrenaline effects of fight or flight sets in, and tunnel vision focuses you on your aggressor. Keep in mind, it’s likely both parties are moving. You need to make some crucial decisions on what to do next and do it in under 3 seconds. (FBI Rules of 3).

Keeping the effects of fight or flight in-mind, it is critical to have a good, visible set of iron sights installed on your defensive pistol. Self-illuminated tritium night sights provide glowing index points in low light to enable proper sight alignment. When it comes to tritium night sights, brightness counts, especially in the front sight. XS Sights R3D, DXT2, and F8 Tritium Night Sights all use brighter tritium lamps in the front than the rear.

How long do Tritium Sights Last?

Tritium sights have a half-life of around 12 years, which means that after this time, the brightness of the sight will have decreased by half.

Why choose Tritium sights over Fiber Optic Sights?

Tritium sights have distinct advantages over Fiber Optic sights for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Tritium sights are designed to provide a clear and reliable sight picture in low-light conditions. Unlike Fiber Optic sights, which require ample light to function effectively, Tritium sights use a radioactive gas that emits a glow, allowing shooters to easily see and aim at their target in any lighting situation.

Tritium sights are also highly durable and long-lasting. Unlike Fiber Optic sights, which can be fragile and susceptible to damage, tritium sights are constructed with sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of regular use and exposure to the elements.

Another advantage of Tritium sights is their ease of use and reliability. It’s glow dot provides a clear aiming point which allows for quick and accurate target acquisition, even in high-stress situations. While both Tritium and Fiber Optic sights have their advantages, we at XS Sights believe that Tritium sights are the superior option for shooters who value reliable performance, durability, reliability, and ease of use in their sights.

Why Choose Night Sights over Red Dot Sights?

There are several advantages that Night Sights have over Red Dots:

XS Night Sights utilize a combination of a photoluminescent dot and tritium to produce a glowing effect, enabling shooters to acquire targets quickly and accurately in any lighting situation. Red Dot Sights, on the other hand, require a power source or battery to function. Night Sights are also highly durable and long-lasting, being designed to withstand regular use and exposure to the elements, while Red Dot Sights are often more delicate and can be susceptible to damage from impact or weather conditions.

Another advantage of Night Sights is their simplicity. Night Sights do not require complex adjustments or calibration, providing an intuitive aiming experience straight out of the box. This allows shooters to focus on their target without worrying about adjusting the sight. Night Sights are also a more affordable option compared to Red Dot Sights.

All in all, Night Sights provide reliable performance and accuracy at an affordable price, making them an attractive choice for many shooters.

What is a RMR Sight?

RMR stands for "Ruggedized Miniature Reflex" and refers to a type of red dot sight designed and manufactured by Trijicon®. The RMR sight is a compact and lightweight reflex sight that is intended for use on pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

What is sight alignment?

Sight alignment refers to the proper positioning of the front and rear sights of a firearm to ensure accurate aiming at a target. Proper sight alignment is essential for accurate shooting, because even slight deviations can result in missed or inaccurate shots.

What is the sight picture?

Sight picture refers to the alignment of the front and rear sights on a firearm with the target. It is the image that the shooter sees when looking through the sights to aim at the target.

What type of sight is most accurate?

When looking for the most accurate sight, it all comes down to your specific needs. All of our sights are designed for exceptional self-defense. For everyday carry, we suggest the DXT2 or DXW2. On the other hand, for target shooting, we suggest a notch and post sight, such as our R3D or F8's.

How do I measure sight height?

Steps to measure sight height:

  • Unload your firearm and ensure it is in a safe condition.
  • Measure the diameter of the barrel at its thinnest point. This is usually at the muzzle or just in front of it.
  • Measure the height of the front sight from the base to the top. You can use a caliper or a ruler to make this measurement.
  • Add half of the barrel diameter to the height of the front sight to get the sight height measurement. The formula is: sight height = (barrel diameter/2) + front sight height.
  • For example, if the barrel diameter is 0.5 inches and the height of the front sight is 0.25 inches, the sight height would be:(0.5/2) + 0.25 = 0.5 inches.

Sight Overview

Choose a style then browse options and brand compatibility

DTX2 Features

DXT2 Features:

  • Simple ‘Dot-the-I’ sight alignment system prevents confusing the front and rear sights in high stress situations
  • Biggest possible front sight for the best front sight visibility, regardless of lighting conditions
  • High-contrast front and a V-Notch rear for an unobscured view of the front sight
DXW2 Features

DXW2 Features:

  • Simple ‘Dot-the-I’ sight alignment system prevents confusing the front and rear sights in high stress situations
  • High-contrast front and a V-Notch rear for an unobscured view of the front sight
  • Reflective white stripe rear aids alignment in bright and low light while offering a more simple, budget friendly option
F8 Features

F8 Features

  • 2-Dot Alignment System
  • Tritium powered front & rear sight that glows in low light to aid in sight alignment
  • Wide notch rear sight that draws focus to top edges of sight for proper alignment, allowing more light to come around the front sight post
Minimalist Features

Minimalist Features

  • Minimalist night sights are all about simplicity and focusing on what’s most important: driving focus to your front sight.
  • Traditional notch and post sight picture
  • Tritium front sight with orange glow dot that absorbs ambient light and glows in low light
  • Blacked-out rear reduces focus points and uses serrations to eliminate glare from bright backlighting, driving focus downrange
R3D 2.0 Features

R3D 2.0 Features

  • 3-dot notch & post sight picture - wide rear notch for fast alignment
  • High visibility, dual illuminated font - tritium and glow dot technology
  • Black Nitride surface finish - extreme corrosion resistance
  • EasyPress features lead-in edge and crush zone - easy DIY install
  • Gen 1 R3D - affordability with low light performance