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Springfield Armory has built a reputation for offering reliable, economical, and accurate firearms for the discerning consumer. From the venerable 1911 platform and the Springfield Armory SA-35 to the modern Springfield Hellcat and Springfield XD, Springfield Armory’s handguns can be found in holsters across the country. With the availability of XS Sights, now you can equip your Springfield Armory Hellcat with durable tritium night sights.

XS offers durable iron sights that will hold up to years of abuse and stay on the gun. XS Sights machined steel sights are superior to the factory offerings on Springfield Armory pistols. Our sights come equipped with tritium to provide an illuminated sight picture in low light. Tritium glows for 10-years and does not require maintenance or batteries, so you no longer have to think about your sight’s battery life. We carry a variety of sight pictures tailored to specific shooting styles.

DXT2 Night Sights offer the fastest sight acquisition on the market. The Big Dot front sight and open rear sight allow a greater field of view down range, increasing the front sight target acquisition speed. The simple in-line sight picture reduces sight alignment time by eliminating an extra focus point compared to traditional notch and post sights. The dot-the-i sight picture prevents confusing the front and rear sight while in high-stress situations or in low light. DXT2 Sights are available in a Standard Dot (0.140”) or Big Dot (0.188”) front sight.

R3D Night Sights offer an enhanced notch and post sight traditional sight picture, built for a lifetime of hard use. All XS sight systems are designed around highly visible front sights to enhance front sight focus. R3D sights feature a brighter tritium vial in the front sight to increase front sight focus. The rear features a simple blacked-out face with a wide notch to increase visible light around the front post. 

XS front sights are equipped with our proprietary photoluminescent Ember Glow Dot technology. The Glow Dot features a high-contrast color in bright light, absorbs ambient light, and glows in low light. Ember is available in multiple colors to satisfy personal color preferences. DXT2 and R3D sights are available with a tritium or non-tritium rear option to fit your shooting style.

XS Sights takes pride in having the highest quality night sights made from the most premium materials. All tritium in our sights is inserted by us so that we can continue to provide high quality, American Made products. Regardless of which Springfield Armory pistol you have, XS Sights has a solution for your night sight needs. Pick up your Springfield XD night sights and Springfield 1911 sights from XS today!

Check out our sight selector guide if you need guidance determining which sight is right for you. 

History of Springfield Armory 

The Springfield Armory name has a long and storied history dating back to 1777 when the first armory was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts. The armory was responsible for supplying firearms to the US military during some of the most important conflicts in our nation’s history including the American Revolution, the Civil War, and both World Wars.

Springfield Armory was also the birthplace of the M1 Garand, the standard service rifle of the US military during World War II. Springfield Armory continued to produce firearms for the military until 1968 when the armory was closed.

In 1974, the Springfield Armory name was resurrected by Robert Reese who purchased the rights to the name and began offering reproductions of the M1 Garand. Springfield Armory has since become a leading manufacturer of pistols and rifles for civilian, law enforcement, and military use.

The Springfield Armory M1A is a modern reproduction of the M14 rifle which was used by the US military from 1959 to 1970. The M1A is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and is Springfield Armory’s flagship rifle.

The Springfield Armory 1911 is a reproduction of the classic 1911A1 pistol which was used by the US military from 1911 to 1985. Springfield Armory offers many variants of the 1911, including the Professional Model, which was chosen as the duty handgun for the FBI's Hostage Rescue Teams (HRT) in 1998.

Notable Models

M1A: Springfield Armory’s flagship rifle, a modern reproduction of the M14 service rifle.

M1A SOCOM: Springfield Armory’s compact M1A patterned after the M14EBR

1911: Springfield Armory’s flagship pistol, a modern reproduction of the 1911A1

Springfield Armory XD: A line of polymer framed striker fired pistols offered in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP

Hellcat: High capacity, subcompact pistol in 9mm

SA-35: Springfield Armory’s clone of the classic HiPower