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Install Services

XS Sights Factory Installation

Please download and print the installation service form, and include it in the package you send to us. See the installation FAQ below for more information about shipping your items to us.
XS Sight Systems Handgun Sight Installation Form.pdf

1. Will XS Sights do an install on my firearm?

We encourage you to find and support a local gunsmith. With that being said, we understand there might not be a reputable gunsmith in your area, so we are currently offering basic sight installation for our handgun sights. At this time, XS is NOT performing any machining work to install sights (dovetail cuts, drilled pin holes, etc.).


2. How much will it cost?

On a pistol slide with two dovetails, the installation fee is about $40 + the sights + return S&H.


3. How long will it take?

Given the sights are in stock, we quote two weeks, although many times we turn it around much quicker.


4. Do I need to order sights before I ship my slide/firearm?

While it is not required, it is recommended to at least call ahead to see if the sights you want to install are currently in stock. If necessary, we can pull and hold sights. If sights are backordered, you can preorder and we will notify you when it is appropriate to send in your slide for installation.


5. Should I ship my slide or my whole firearm?

On semiautomatic firearms, please ship the slide only.


6. If I'm shipping my revolver to XS Sights for an installation, do I have to go through my local FFL dealer?

Per BATFE regulation (27 CFR, part 178.147) you do not need to use a local dealer (FFL) to ship a firearm to or receive a firearm from an FFL (XS) for repair or other work such as sight installation.


7. What shipping method should I use for my slide?

Since your slide is just a hunk of metal, the carrier does not matter; however, use a good heavy box with a lot of padding. DO NOT use a padded mailer/envelope when shipping a slide. The sorting machines will tumble the slide around and it will tear open the envelope. We have received mailers that were empty or had the slide sticking out (*see image to the right). Use a box!


8. What do I include with my slide/firearm?

We need you to include a note or a copy of our Installation Form with the following, legibly written:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Your Address, per federal regulations, the firearm must be returned to you and cannot be forwarded on to another person or shop.
  3. A Daytime Telephone Number. This is very important for two reasons. First, this is also normally how we get the credit card info for payment. Second, you'd be surprised at the number of packages that show up with nothing leaving us to have to set it aside until you call. Maybe we have had an email or telephone conversation with you, but since we talk to lots of folks over the course of the day, we cannot remember each and every one.
  4. The style or part number of the sights you want installed. (Big Dot?, Standard Dot?, etc).


Our shipping address is:

XS Sight Systems Inc.
2405 Ludelle St.
Ft Worth, TX 76105
Attn: Installations