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Canik Firearms


Canik Firearms is a company based in Samsun, Turkey. First established in 1997, the company has leveraged its reputation for “intelligent engineering” to successfully develop everything from airplane parts to firearms. Today, they are one of the top producers of striker-fired handguns in the world. Their weapons have a reputation for reliability, but the company also prides itself on affordability.


History of Canik Firearms


Canik first entered the world as a manufacturer of airplane components. The company quickly developed a reputation for quality and quickly caught the eye of manufacturers across the world. Companies including Airbus and Boeing turned to the upstart parts manufacturer shortly after the company started. These relationships remain in place today.


In order to diversify its portfolio of products, Canik expanded from airplane parts to firearms. The company was focused on bringing to market reliable firearms that were aesthetically pleasing. Canik began manufacturing firearms in 2009, and quickly made a similar impact in the firearms industry as it did in aerospace design.


Quickly growing in popularity, Canik Firearms entered the U.S. market in 2012. The company has also earned honors from Ballistic Magazine, including the 2018 Editor’s Choice for Versatile/Value Pistol.


Types of Firearms Made by Canik


The first firearm designed by Canik was the TP9. This firearm was designed with the intention of competing with Walther P99 which dominated the market at the time. The goal of the TP9 was to not only compete with the popular Walther firearm but also exceed it with some additional modifications that the P99 could not match.


Over the years, most of the handguns designed by Canik were built on the basis of the TP9. These include options like the TP9SA and the TP9SF. These variations on the weapon offered improvements like faster firing times and an ergonomic grip. One of the most popular offerings by Canik is the TP9SF Elite—a 15-round handgun that offers improved trigger safety technology as well as an ambidextrous slide top.


Over the years, Canik has developed a variety of firearms beyond the TP9. Some of those firearms include:


  • Mete SFt
  • Mete SFx
  • SFx Rival
  • TP9 SF
  • TP9 SFx
  • TP9 SA
  • TP9 v2
  • TP40 v2
  • TP9 SF Elite
  • TP9 Elite Combat
  • TP9 Elite Combat Executive
  • TP9 Elite SC
  • TP9 DA
  • TP9 SFL


Canik makes more than firearms. They are also known for their pistol sights and other accessories. In addition to firearms and sights, the company is also known for manufacturing other customization options like magazines and holsters. These accessories are as popular as the firearms themselves.


Reliable Sights for Canik Guns


If you are in the market for Canik handgun sights, we can help you find the perfect accessory for your firearm. Your selection is important, as your aim is only as good as the sight you rely on. XS Gun Sights offers high-quality sights designed to work perfectly with Canik firearms. See our selection to find the right sights for you.