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tactical rifle sights

XS offers a comprehensive range of tactical rifle sights, catering to various firearm models, including AR and AK platforms. Our AR sights, particularly the AR 15 iron sights, provide shooters with rapid target acquisition and enhanced precision. For AK enthusiasts, XS supplies robust AK iron sights and AK 47 sights designed to withstand the rigors of any adventure. Moreover, the AK night sights feature tritium inserts, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. XS also meets the needs of M1A users with their high-quality M1A sights, including the M1A front sight and M1A iron sight sets, which are engineered to deliver reliable performance. Whether for AR 15 or AK platforms, XS's tactical rifle sights are trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike for their durability and accuracy.


Are the XTI2 45-degree sights ambidextrous?

Yes, they can be flipped and placed on the left or right-hand side of the firearm.

Do you offer a way to upgrade my gen 1 XTI sights?

We sell a gen 2 conversion kit that can be purchased here, it gives you the raised bases, which gives better visibility around wider lens optics while maintaining a standard cheek weld.

What types of sights do you have for AR 15s?

We offer flip-up sights, 45-degree offset sights, and several CSAT aperture options with tritium and not tritium for AR platforms.

What type of sights do you have for AK 47s?

XS offers tritium front and rear sights for AK 47 and AKM firearms, with several different front sight size options.

Do you have sights for an MP5?

Yes, we offer sights for HK MP5, HK SK5, HK 91, HK 93, HK 94, HK UMP, HK USC, HK G36, and HK SL8 rifles.

Do you have replacement sights for my M1A1?

Yes, XS offers a tritium front sight with wings and a ghost ring rear sight for Springfield M1A1 rifles.