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Inline Sight Pusher Kit for Glock - ECO Series™


Product Features

  • One-time use tool, rear sight pusher
  • Front sight tool included
  • Lightweight aluminium for portability
  • Compatible with Glocks Gen 1-5, including MOS models
  • Proudly manufactured in Fort Worth, TX
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  • American Made

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ECO-Series™ Sight Pusher Install Kit for Glock®

Designed by Gunsmiths for the DIYer™.

The ECO-Series™ provides a one-time, functional, no-frills sight installation kit for DIYers to upgrade their Glock® sights. ECO-Series is the ideal solution for users who own one Glock and doesn't plan to work on the pistol again or expand their collection.

ECO-Series sight pusher tools provide a functional solution that eliminates the need for extra specialty tools. The sight pusher is rated for one use on an OEM Glock slide or aftermarket slide with XS R3D Night Sights.

Each rear sight pusher in model specific to the three types of Glock pistol frames.

  • Slimline: 9mm Single Stack pistols
    • Models: Glock 42, 43, 43X, & 48
  • Small Frame: 9mm / 40 S&W Double Stack pistols
    • Models: Glock 17, 19 ,22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, & 45
  • Large Frame: 45ACP / 10mm Double Stack pistols
    • Models: Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, 30S, 37, 40, & 41

ECO installation


Simplifying Sight Installation

We are the only night sights manufacturer to build sights and sight installation tools. In owning both components, we simplified the installation process by engineering easypress dovetails and building tools that apply installation pressure in the right area. There is no longer the need to buy sights brand X, sight pusher brand Y, and front sight tool brand Z. We build the complete sight solution.

Installation Instructions

No pads. No Springs. No Knob Tightening. Just Simple Physics.

The over top of slide fixed width clamping system, makes installing sights easy. The lightweight aluminum tool adds minimal weight to a range bag to adjust windage to personal shooting preferences. The hardcoat anodized surface prevents scratching slides.


ECO-Series Sight Pusher Features:

  • One-Time, model-specific Glock Sight Installation kit with a rear sight pusher
  • Aluminum Glock front sight tool
  • Fits Glock OEM and Aftermarket slides*
  • Glock MOS Compatible – Factory plate cover must be attached to slide
  • Exclusive tool only rated for use with XS R3D Night Sights
  • Bolt Thread Pitch: 1/16” – 1.5 Bolt rotations equals 1/16” of travel
  • Designed and Manufactured in Fort Worth, TX

Glock Pusher Comparison

XS® R3D® Sights Exclusive Install Tool

ECO-Series tools are engineered to install XS R3D sights and are not compatible with other night sight manufacturers. R3D rear sight dovetails use proprietary easypress dovetail features that lower the overall force needed for installation. The rear sight features a crush zone that conforms to the slide’s dovetail and a lead-in chamfer to allow the sight to travel 1/3 through the cutout before pressure is applied to the sight. R3D night sights are up to 50% easier to install than competitors sights.

Optic / Suppressor Height Sights

The ECO-Series rear sight pusher can install optic height and suppressor height sights on Glock MOS and aftermarket optic gut slides. The optic and factory plate cover must be installed before mounting the tool on the slide.

Applying Force More Efficiently

The inline design applies force low in the dovetail and precisely in the direction the sight needs to be pushed. The low placement on the dovetail is a tried-and-true practice of gunsmiths using hammers and punches to drive sights in.

Drive Sights in with Ease

The ECO-Series drive bolt uses a stainless steel 3” 5/16”- 24 bolt and a 3-inch 3/16” Allen Key. The wrench gives users a solid handle to grip and prevents stripping the bolt head. The 3” handles offer adequate leverage for installing R3D Night Sights.

Items Included in Kit:

  • ECO-Series Inline Rear Sight Pusher for Glock Pistols
  • 3/16 Allen Key – 3” Handle
  • Aluminum Front Sight Tool for Glock Pistols
  • Lucas Oil Products® Extreme Duty Gun Oil (0.135 FL. OZ. / 4ml)
  • Vibra-Tite® 131 High Strength Threadlocker (0.06 FL. OZ. / 1.8ml)

Product Specifications:

  • Kit Dimensions (LxWxH): 6” X 3” X 2”
  • Kit Weight: 0.8 lbs.


Made in America

We are gunnuts who love American manufacturing, all things that glow, and new technology. We manufacture our products at our family-run, in-house machine shop in Fort Worth, Texas. Our mission is to empower the GOOD GUY to be more prepared, confident, and self-reliant with functional weapon upgrades.


* Maximum tool life is estimated based on installing XS R3D Night Sights in Glock OEM slides. Aftermarket slides do not mirror Glock’s exact dovetail. Users should expect to apply 50% to 75% more force on aftermarket slides that will apply more load on the tool.


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