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Why you should upgrade your factory Glock sights to Glock night sights?

Why you should upgrade your factory Glock sights to Glock night sights?

Posted by XS Sights on Dec 19th 2023

Glock handguns are renowned for their reliability, but let's face it - the factory sights could use an upgrade. Glock handguns were designed to be easily field serviceable with replacement parts, and part of Gaston Glock’s brilliant design was to make the sights easy to change.

factory set bright & low

While the stock plastic sights will get the job done, they are not be ideal for fast and accurate shooting in self-defense situations. We recommend upgrading the standard Glock sights as soon as you purchase your handgun.

Plastic Glock Sights

Why settle for subpar sights on your reliable Glock handgun? With a Glock pistol upgrading your sights is essential for fast and accurate shooting in self-defense situations.

low light xs vs factory

XS Sights: The Ultimate Upgrade for Defensive Shooting and Accuracy

We design our sights from the ground up to be focused on defensive shooting and provide a durable set of sights to take years of use and abuse.

xs set bright & low

Our sights are built for fast sight acquisition. Our sight pictures focus on enhancing front sight focus and expanding the field of view down range in bright and low light settings. In defensive situations, people experience tunnel vision from an adrenaline rush and focus on the target. We want our bright front sights to stay in your line-of-sight day or night.

For defensive purposes, we recommend upgrading from standard Glock sights to tritium night sights immediately after your firearm purchase. This enables you to select a sight picture that allows for more accurate shooting, and the added benefit that your will not be exposed to two different sight alignment systems.

Pro's vs. Con's of upgrading to tritium night sights on Glock pistols:

Tritium Glock Night Sights

Say goodbye to plastic sights that draw focus to the wrong elements and offer no low light alignment capabilities. Upgrade to XS tritium night sights for easy installation and a 24/7 glowing sight alignment that aids in low light situations.

xs vs factory on gun

Focused on Durability and Quality

We are the law enforcement sights on Walther, HK pistols, and law enforcement shotguns from Mossberg and Remington. Many independent officers/agencies upgrade their sights through our LE programs. All our sights are designed to one quality standard. XS does not sell lower-quality sights to the civilian market. Our tritium’s glow is warranted for twelve years, and our standard quality control testing is to test fire 1,000 rounds in less than 30 minutes on subcompact pistols.

Curious about how our sights compare to competitors? Check out our blog to learn more about the advantages of XS Sights and why they are the top choice for upgrading Glock sights. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to enhancing your defensive shooting capabilities.