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Marlin Firearms


From the Marlin 1895 to the Marlin 336, Marlin rifles are renowned for their durability, accuracy, and dependability. With the addition of sighting options from XS Sights, you can take your Marlin to the next level.

Marlin rifles are factory equipped with sights that are small and hard to see in anything but the brightest of lighting conditions. XS Sights offers durable ghost ring sights and optics mounting rails to enhance your sighting needs.

XS Sights Ghost Ring sights feature a robust rear sight that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The CNC machined steel sight body is durable enough to provide a lifetime of use in the harshest conditions. The XS white stripe front sight is a machined steel base that is blued and finished with a painted white stripe. The white-on-black design is highly visible in all lighting conditions and contrasts against any color background.

The XS Sights Lever Scout Mount is machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and is hard anodized to create a lightweight rail that will withstand the harshest conditions you can throw at it. The mil standard 1913 picatinny rail dimensions offer consistent spacing and accurate dimensions to work with your choice of scope rings. The Lever Scout mount is ideal for a scout scope or a red dot optic.

The latest addition to the lineup, the XS Sights Lever Rail, offers unparalleled options for scope mounting. Featuring mil standard 1913 mounting slots, the Lever Rail can be used to mount conventional low powered variable optics (LVPO), scout scopes or red dot sights. The lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction and hard anodized finish will provide you with a lifetime of service in any environment. When paired with our ghost ring sights, you’ll have the most versatile sighting setup possible.

Marlin rifles, from the pistol caliber model 1894 to the big bore Marlin 1895, continue to be popular rifles. With an XS Sights sighting system, your Marlin will be ready for action!

Marlin History

Marlin Firearms was founded by John Marlin in 1870. Marlin, a Connecticut native, had apprenticed as a tool and die maker prior to working for Colt in the early 1860’s. Originally known for manufacturing single shot derringers and revolvers, Marlin expanded to offering rifles by 1881.

Marlin’s Model 1881, introduced in 1881, was the first commercial repeating rifle chambered for the .45-70. The 1881 featured a side-loading gate, top eject, and a 10 round tubular magazine.

The Marlin 1893, the forerunner to the modern Marlin 336, introduced many features that are now common on Marlin firearms – most notably the true side eject. The improved design saw minor cosmetic changes until the Marlin Model 336 introduced the round bolt in 1948.

The enhanced lockup and strength of the 336’s round bolt was the forerunner to one of the most popular Marlin rifles of all time – the Marlin 1895. The Marlin 1895, chambered in .45-70, once again brought a big-bore cartridge to the Marlin line up.

Notable Models

Model 1881 – Marlin’s initial lever action rifle, chambered for the .45-70.

Model 1893 – Marlin’s first side eject lever action, and forerunner to the Model 336.

Model 336 – Marlin’s flagship lever action design. Features side ejection and a round bolt.

Model 1895 – Marlin’s largest lever action currently available. Chambered for the .45-70.