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Universal Standard Dot Shotgun - Vent Rib


Product Features

  • Fits Vent Rib Shotguns (Benelli, Beretta, Browning, CZ, Mossberg, Remington, & Stoeger)
  • Photoluminescent glow dot absorbs ambient light and glows in low light
  • Sight optimized for waterfowl and turkey hunters or clay shooting
  • Easy DIY install, no specialty tools needed
  • Durable and reliable, will withstand countless hunts and stay on the gun
  • Proudly manufactured in Fort Worth, TX
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  • American Made

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Universal Vent Rib Shotgun - Standard Dot

At last, a replacement shotgun bead that will stay on your gun!

The XS Vent Rib replacement bead is bright, durable, and an easy DIY install for all shooters. The universal fit design utilizes a friction tapper lock design that will securely hold the bead on the barrel for countless hunts or thousands of clays. The brass post comes in three sizes to cover the majority of shotgun threads available. The green or orange photoluminescent Ember Glow Dot is brighter than fiber optic light pipes in daylight and the dot glows in low light to enhance visibility during dusk or dawn hunts.

XS vs competitor sights


Product Features

  • Permanent DIY shotgun front sight replacement - No magnets or special gunsmithing tools for proper timing
  • Universal shotgun vent rib (5-40, M2.5X.45, M3X.5)
    • Fits: Mossberg, Remington, Beretta, Benelli, CZ, Browning, and Stoeger Vent Rib Shotguns
  • Durable sight design will not break from use, weather, or cleaning chemicals.
  • Photoluminescent Green or Orange dot provides high visibility in bright light and glows in low light.

Product Specs

  • Overall Height: 0.165”
  • Overall Width: 0.165”

Tired of losing Your Magnetic Shotgun Beads?

Our unique tapper lock design uses a combination of friction and surface area to securely hold the bead on the barrel. This design will withstand thousands of rounds and last the lifetime of the shotgun vs. the current magnetic options on the market, where you are lucky to get through a hunt without losing the bead.

No Gunsmith Required.

No face cutter needed for proper timing. The easy two step installation process makes this DIY install a breeze. Simply screw one of the three threaded posts into the barrel, slide the bead onto the post, and tap the top of the bead with a mallet.

Written Installation Instructions

A Night and Day Upgrade Over Fiber Optic Sights!

Our standard dot shotgun front sight bead is more visible in bright light than fiber optic sights in the same size category. We take full advantage of our beads footprint and utilize 90% of the surface area with our Ember Glow Dot. The short low-profile design is durable and will not break if hit or discolor with cleaning agents.

There are some longer fiber optic sight options on the market which can offer better daylight visibility, but their fragility increases with the added length.

See Your Sights in the Bushes!

Our proprietary photoluminescent material absorbs ambient light and glows in low light, aiding in hunts with thick overhead vegetation or foggy mornings in the blinds.

XS vs competitors bright light

XS vs compeditors low light

Why Get into the Vent Rib Shotgun Market?

XS has always offered sights for field shotguns, but we have primarily focused on the tactical market. In the past, we offered custom sights that required a gunsmith to cut a dovetail into the vent rib. This is a very easy thing to do for a qualified machinist or gunsmith, but it is difficult to find a person, there is a significant added cost to the installation, and the wait times can be long. This is why subpar, easy attach options have taken off and are available at every box store. Hunters are DIYers and want easy to see and easy to install sights on their long guns.

When we started looking at this project our gunsmith wanted to make custom threaded post sights that are unique to each thread pitch and would require a facing tool to properly time the sight. While this sounds easy for an experienced person, it requires specialty tools, and the installer can remove too much material leading to ruining the sight. The sight cost is low, but the delay in time to get another one can impact a hunt or just be irritating.

We wanted a one stop shop solution that covers 75% to 80% of the vent rib market, offering a DIY installable solution for the average shooter, providing a solution that truly keeps the sight on the gun. We make pistol sights for self-defense situations, and we always cringe hearing about sights or any firearm parts that walk off a gun from use. That means they were improperly installed, or the product is subpar. When reviewing this product category some of the reviews for magnetic and other easy attach options were just scarry. Some guys were claiming to use zip ties and two-part epoxies to hold a fiber optic sight on the gun or just being ok with the sight being lost and having to replace it often.

We got serious about vent rib shotguns because hunters and clay shooters deserve better. Shooting shotguns is not a cheap sport. The hardware on the gun should represent the value paid for the shotgun.

We make sights that are easy to see, day or night, and will survive the toughest conditions in the field.

clay shooting with xs sights


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