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Carrying a gun while pregnant...

Carrying a gun while pregnant...

Posted by Michelle Waldran on May 17th 2022

"I have never been pregnant; I have no clue."

That was going to be my response to a lady who reached out to me; she is 24 weeks and four days into her pregnancy. My sister has three boys; I've witnessed that it could be extremely stressful. When it comes to self-defense, you are trying to protect yourself from harm and a growing human inside your belly that you are responsible for.

Is there risk when carrying a firearm during pregnancy?

I decided to do some research since exposure to lead and toxins is a huge concern, whether pregnant or not. Choosing the right holster during pregnancy is essential.

The holster you have used before pregnancy could restrict you during pregnancy and cause harm such as poor circulation due to holster or belt pressure; this can cause joint and nerve damage.

Concealed carry on your body during pregnancy, is it possible?

Yes absolutely! Depending on your trimester, you will most likely have to switch out your holster and belt option. Make sure the handgun of your choice is clean and free from lead residue. Invest in eco-friendly gun cleaners such as or wear gloves and a mask. Make sure you have good ventilation when you are cleaning your handgun. Better yet, let someone else clean it for you.

Does a comfortable holster, belly band, or waist belt exist for someone who is pregnant?

With a bit of help from Amazon (you can find anything, even a pregnant belly), I decided to get pregnant for a day and test out a few belly band everyday carry holsters. Oh boy, this belly weighs a ton (okay, maybe only 4lbs).

I am listing the belly bands I have tested in the order of what felt most comfortable for me. I could not feel the bands on 'my belly,' but I concluded for comfort, easy access, and fast, secure draw to my handgun, along with conceal-ability, that these were good options.

1. Dene Adams Modular Waistband. Normally, I wear a small. To accommodate the belly, I pulled it down to my hip. You can even wear this if you are driving at the 3 o'clock position. ALL day comfort, this band is a dream.

2. Crossbreed Liberty Band. My normal size small worked great below the belly on my hip. Very stretchy and compact. 4 o'clock carry position and above the belly worked well. I love this belt because you can use an existing Kydex holster you own (Minimalist AIWB Holster) by

3. Clip & Carry STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Holster. This band has an added area (STRAPT-TAC) to the belt portion and uses a very soft and quilted cushion on the backside for comfort. Use your own Kydex AIWB (again, using my Dara Holster). This one is a bit large for my stomach since I am very petite and only have a 6" W x 5" H area to work with, but if I were actually pregnant, it would be perfect. Above the belly in the front and 4 o'clock position worked well.

4. FLEX Concealment Band By N8 Tactical by Crossbreed This band is a little wider and thicker than the liberty belt, but it does not need a separate holster. I wore it on the belly and not on the hip, but you may need to go up a size. I like this belt because it does have a sewn-in holster and a slot for an extra magazine. 4 o'clock position worked well.

5. Crossbreed Modular Belly Band Package. The belt was a little stiff, but I love the fact that you can use the modular holster portion in a concealment purse. Easy on and easy off the belt when needed. It also has a sewn-in slot for an extra magazine. Again, 4 o'clock carry on the belly was the most comfortable position for me.

Having a good-fitting holster and adjustable waist belt (for that growing belly) is key to comfort and safety for both mom and baby. Many holster companies have an excellent return policy and knowledgeable customer service to help you answer any questions.

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