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What Are XS Sights?

What Are XS Sights?

Posted by Jeff King on Apr 30th 2024

What up, everyone! If you're wondering whether XS Sights are the right choice for your firearm, you've come to the right place. When we are out in the world and people ask us “What are XS Sights”, we have a variety of different answers and we wanted to address them all in this blog. We're not just any sight manufacturer; we're a family-owned business dedicated to providing top-notch sight solutions for those shooters who demand precision and reliability. Let's dive into what makes our company and products stand out compared to the rest of the industry.

A Brief History of XS Sights

Founded in 1996 as Ashley Outdoors, we've come a long way since our early days. We’ve gone through multiple name changes trying to find something that encompasses all that we do. In 2017, we embraced our current identity, XS Sights, to better reflect our commitment to excellence in sight design and solutions. From our humble beginnings, we've grown into a trusted name in the shooting community, known for our American-made products and innovative solutions. Please enjoy this picture from SHOT Show in 2005.

Our first sight to the market was the Express (dot-the-i) Sight. In the industry at the time, this was revolutionary and out of the norm. Let me provide a little background on the Express sight picture, if you’re not familiar. It has a large dot front sight and a shallow v rear. For years prior it was used in big game hunting in Africa, because it was fast to acquire when getting onto your gun. Just think about it. You’re in Africa, just chilling in a bush waiting for some wild game.... Then BOOM.... suddenly you see a mane and teeth barreling towards you. You’d want to get your gun on target as fast as possible right? All you had to do was put the big front sight on your intended target, bring the rear up to where the front sight sat in the shallow V, and pull the trigger. This proved itself repeatedly in Africa. So, why couldn't it work on defensive handguns? Not to spoil a secret, but it did work, and it worked really well. Without getting into the nerdiness of physiological response to acute stress (such as in a self-defense scenario), the Express sight picture has been found to work great. Coining us part of our catch phrase “The Fastest Sights”.

The Brilliance of Tritium Sights

Now, let’s talk about the other part of our catch phrase, the “in Any Light” part to be exact. When the lights go down, tritium night sights shine. These self-illuminating wonders are a game-changer for shooting in low-light conditions. Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, powers these sights, providing a consistent glow without the need for batteries or external light sources. If you are like me, I wanted to find out what I was getting into with “radioactive” sights, but here’s two facts:

  • The tritium is sealed in a small glass vial, so it is unable to escape
  • Tritium is a low beta emitter and that means it cannot penetrate human skin

So, just don’t eat it like cereal, and you’ll be safe.

The big factor here and why we put such an emphasis on having night sights is that according to National Law Enforcement 70% of self-defense scenarios occur in low/no-light.

So? What Else You Got!

When it comes to talking about XS Sights, many people don’t know we offer other accessories as well! Our products range from our award-winning Sight Pusher. (100% the easiest to use and most intuitive sight tool on the market. Currently *hint, hint, wink, wink* only available for Glocks). We also have many tactical rifle sights. Something I find cool is that these were featured in a few video games. (10 points to whoever can name the games.)